Safety Rules

Please read the following Safety Rules to ensure your safety:

  • You must have fun!
  • Kids must remove shoes, eyeglasses & sharp objects before entering inflatables
  • Socks must be worn at all times
  • When you hear the whistle, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN
  • NO food, beverages, candy or gum outside of party rooms and lounge area
  • NO flips and NO piling on or wrestling with others
  • Everyone MUST slide down all slides feet first and one child at a time
  • NO bouncing at top of slides
  • Before sliding down a slide, make sure no one is at the bottom
  • DO NOT bounce against the sides or near the doorway of the inflatables
  • No expectant mothers or individuals with casts or anyone with medical conditions in the inflatable area
  • Behavioral problems will result in dismissal from the property
  • All injuries must be reported to the manager immediately